Sunday, September 14, 2014

Three Values

Back in June I attended a workshop with the great Nathan Fowkes. One of the exercises he advised if one wants to improve at composition and light, was to take screengrabs from movies and try to break them down into three values. Also checked out Eytan Zana's lovely gumroad-tutorial on graphic composition. It's great. Well, I want to not suck at composition, so here are some attempts at improving. Also aiming to reduce the shape-complexity and introduce subtle shape-stylization. Hmm, it's interesting to blend together the strong shapes of light and shadow, with the local values I'm assigning to the compositional elements themselves. Never thought of it like that before, I usually keep local values and light separated. If you know the movies you get a cookie ;)

Frolic and play :)

Hip-Hop, it really is the best music-genre ;P Word, lot's of love ya'll ;)

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