Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Inspired by THU

THU (Trojan Horse was a Unicorn) was an amazing workshop I attended in Troia, outside of Lissabon in Portugal. Had a chance to re-unite with people I love and care about as well as make new friends! Big shout out to the organizers, and be sure to check it out next year.

I was encouraged by some really awesome Pixar/Ex-Pixar dudes to further explore color-keys. So I'm trying to do a few quicker paintings inspired by the people I met and feelings I had, focusing on more cinematic composition, shapes and light. 

Inspired by a really sweet street-musician in Lissabon whose performance on this cheap toy-like instrument was very endearing, and someone else.

Me after 2 hours of sleep at the airport. So long!

Awesome Street-dancer. Always a delight to see masterful performances by poppers ;) And there were cats.

Oh, before doing these in color, I tried applying what I learned from the 3-value studies from last time.

Daily dose of HipHop, yeah ;)

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