torsdagen den 24:e april 2014


Lifedrawing... Also doing portrait-sessions on a more regular basis.

Thanks for looking :D

måndagen den 21:e april 2014

Master Copies

Easter-holidays, why not practice painting? These dudes, geez. To show so much, with so little, I am in awe. I like this direction of rendering way more than the perfection of Bougeureau (though I still respect and admire, of course, his polish and draftsmanship). Using lot's of custom brushes and smudge. Never really allowed myself to do that before, I kinda always stuck with the hard round and soft airbrush... Silly. Also Bevel & Emboss. Furthermore, working more zoomed out and trying to slow down, placing strokes with intent and purpose. 

I'm trying to think more like a painter, focusing on abstract shapes of color and their relationships, my brain is fried.

Need to do moar! Take care ya'll!

söndagen den 13:e april 2014 one of your french girls...

Took some lifedrawings and did some painting. I attempted to be less clean, more painterly, using the smudge-tool and some textured brushes.

torsdagen den 10:e april 2014

tisdagen den 8:e april 2014

torsdagen den 3:e april 2014


Off to sketch at Starbucks, but first, here are some lifedrawings!

söndagen den 30:e mars 2014

Bad Guys

There we go. So, now, left to do is the main character and then tying the different elements together in the composition.