söndagen den 13:e april 2014

...like one of your french girls...

Took some lifedrawings and did some painting. I attempted to be less clean, more painterly, using the smudge-tool and some textured brushes.

torsdagen den 10:e april 2014

tisdagen den 8:e april 2014

torsdagen den 3:e april 2014


Off to sketch at Starbucks, but first, here are some lifedrawings!

söndagen den 30:e mars 2014

Bad Guys

There we go. So, now, left to do is the main character and then tying the different elements together in the composition.

torsdagen den 27:e mars 2014

1 down..

Dreadskull, terror of the space prairies. A lil' bit time consuming, this one.

söndagen den 23:e mars 2014


Preeetty much done with the BG, Certainly I will have to blend the main character with the groundplane, but that should be fairly quick. Most of this image will be blocked by portraits and such, but I figure I'd take the time to practice some environment painting :)