Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hi guys! I'd like to share some designsketches for a game I hope to make some day :) Streets of Rage gameplay in a fantasysetting sort of :D These here are some enemies. To me, this step is the hardest. I really try to think carefully about shape design, proportions, colour and strong visual identity. If a design doesn't work undetailed like this, it's probably a bad design. More to come in the future!

Just wanted to add this wisdom from Pixar artist Jason Deamer, from his interview over at

"Once I've finished my research and I've got some interesting meat to sink my teeth into, I'll spend some time to think about the Who, What, When, Where, and the Why? This is a character in a story driven to act a certain way by the specifics of his or her circumstance. Who are they? When are they? What do they wear and how do they act? Does this person readjust their glasses every time they begin to talk. Is he/she a shy and timid sort of character? Maybe they hide behind long hair that covers their face? It's all of these character informed decisions that can really make a design speak to the viewer.

After finding some inspiration, I like to put all the research aside and try to capture a caricature through a kind of reverse osmosis from all the research I've done. I'll start doodling basic shapes, while always keeping the basic gesture of this character in mind. I'm looking for a simple form that captures the abstract feeling of the thing I'm trying to design.

When I find something that feels right I'll start to flesh that out into a silhouette of the character I'm after. At this point I'm focused not only on the pose but on the abstract relationships between the different basic shapes. How does the volume of the little leg feel relative to the mass of the torso? Is the head competing visually with the bag he's holding? Etc."

-Jason Deamer

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hello people! Singapore is an amazing city!
At first an unfinished character design. I lost interest in it for several reasons. Probably won't finish it. Then some rough sketches for fantasy enemies, and last a lifedrawing long pose.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Live from Singapore!

Hello my friends! I'm sorry for the absence, but I've been buzy both mentally and physically with my move to a brand new city in a new part of the world. Finding an apartment, settling into the new job, making friends, getting employment pass etc. has taken much of my time and energy. That said, this place is amazing, and I hope to once again bring you more regular updates :D

As always, thank you for looking :D