Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Apartment

I dedicate today's post to Brian McDonald. His blog, invisibleink and his book Invisible Ink, have taught me what little I know about storytelling, and more importantly, highlighted my lack of knowledge.  I deeply respect the craft, and I feel it's a very important aspect of our work as illustrators. His book is easy to read, informative and cheap. I recommend it.

One of the movies I discovered thanks to Brian Mcdonald is "The Apartment" by Billy Wilder. In it, Jack Lemmon's character, C.C Baxter, chases a promotion by allowing his bosses to use his apartment for various nocturnal activities. Meanwhile Shirley MacLaine's character Fran, an elevator-lady, is having dead-end affair with the boss, who's married, at the same company. Suffice to say, both characters are faced with problems arising from their situations, and need to deal with them :) The movie is a call to integrity, a comment on the hazards of chasing money and promotions, and the down-sides to being an amiable people-pleaser.

I really should stylize and make the shapes sexier.. Damn.

Wise men once asked "What is best in life?". Well, I would be tempted to say spending time with friends and loved ones, making art, listening to good live-music and eating good food. But coffee, it's certainly up there.


Up-Tempo House!! Yeeeeaaaahhhhh!


Johan Wahlbäck said...

The facial expression in the top illustration is stellar mate! Excelent body language and mood. You truly enhanced the original picture!

Johannes Helgeson said...

Thanks bro, too kind! :D That's what I am for :) It's fun to practice character-interaction!

Alex Bing said...

Hey man, I just found your artblog through a friend the other day and I wanna let you know your stuff is super inspiring!

I'd love to poke your brain/talk shop if ever possible, but if not, Keep it up! :D

Johannes Helgeson said...

Hey Alex, thanks a lot man! I appreciate it :D

Yeah sure, feel free to ask whatever man, and I'll do my best to answer. I keep getting mails and I'd rather draw and paint than write, but I'll get back to you asap ;)

Glad to see you around! :D