Thursday, July 24, 2014


A blog I love is . They go around the world, taking photos of interesting-looking people and fashion. Figure I'd might as well make a cartoon-study! Trying to translate a photo stylistically is intellectually stimulating and challenging for me. I attempted to be more painterly, more along the lines of what you might see in a color-script for an animated feature.


So I saw all over the webz how a company called Mondo will be releasing an Iron Giant collectible figure. Being one of my all time favorite movies, and considering the fact that I'm weak at hard-surface designs, I had to do a study.

Revisiting an old character and setting which I like. Needed a break from the studies, so I did something purely for fun, Crimson Claw striking a bargain? Still not pleased with my rendering, but it's slowly going in the right direction I feel.

Here you go peeps, Swedish music! ;)

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