Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cartoon Erotica

This was ridiculously enjoyable... Inspired by great artists such as Shane Glines, Bruce Timm, Bill Presing, Freddy Moore and Chris Sanders. Listening to Robert Greene's Art of Seduction, I felt compelled to paint someone seductive :)
 100% Working-size.
Some steps, if that's helpful. This time, unlike most of my studies, I was not aiming for accuracy in the drawing, but rather having fun with stylization.

I need to practice character interaction and storytelling, and I felt this photo was very compelling...




Saxen8 said...

Hey J!

Interesting stuff as always. I think the erotic lady next to the car might have a bit too detailed and "sharp" face compared to the rest of the image. As you probably know the human brain focuses much of it's energy on the faces and hands of fellow humans around us (to read body language and understand the feeling of the other tribe members). So rendering the face with a lot of detail is not bad, but right now it looks a bit like the face is slapped on from another painting, not merging too well with the rest of the image/style used for the body, you know what I'm saying?

I guess you are exploring and playing around, so don't take what I'm writing too seriously, but it's my 5 cents. Making some of the strokes in her face less sharp and maybe adding some sharp ones to her hands would make a better impression.


Johannes Helgeson said...

Thanks for your input Sara! You obviously gave this some thought and energy.

I completely see what you're saying, and I feel you have a very good point. You've communicated your critique very clearly.

Personally, I don't see a problem right now, so I'm not agreeing with you 100%, however it's a balancing act, and I'll certainly consider your input for future paintings! Thanks for taking the time, and giving your input in clear and constructive manner!

Cheers Sara!

Saxen8 said...

You're welcome J! It's only my 5 cents, and you are probably good at listening to the feedback you actually feel like could improve your works :) Keep it up, always nice to see your stuff online!