Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Done, uuuggh, Tree of Death!

Yeah, I guess it's wrapped up. Definitely a challenge for my patience :) Learned some new things. I guess I could bring together some sort of step by step tutorial thing if ya'll want it. Cheerio!


Dado Almeida said...

Terrific! I really liked how the whole piece turned out more "devilish" than the original sketch.

I don't think a whole step-by-step it's necessary - actually I'm more interested in the mid step: where you start to paint-over the lines (edges). I still have some troubles to define shapes in the painting process so any insight it's valuable.

Matthew Robert Davies said...

Awesome job! great colour palette. Thanks for showing your process. I agree with Dado that I find that the point where you start to paint over the lines and render the painting is the most difficult stage, so any insight you could give would be really helpful.
Keep up the good work :)