Sunday, July 29, 2012

Justin Carver

Sword-Blade is a personal passion project, something I hope to develop into a game some day. It's a 3D sidescroller brawler, set in a post-apocalyptic high fantasy world. This here guy is one of the main characters. His name is Sir Justin Carver, and he's a kind of paladin.


Dado Almeida said...

Nice to see the rendered version. I think I already told you, but one of the appeals of your work for me is the "simplicity" of the designs. There's enough room to the audience create/imagine - and I think this a good quality of the classic games...

Waiting to hear more about this project. What kind of enemies exist in this world??? :)

Johannes Helgeson said...

Thanks buddy! I aim for simplicity :) I think mostly in primary and secondary shapes, and I tend to omit Tertiary shapes as much as possible. I try to consider what the character will look like in the context of the game, and how the design can enhance the gameplay. Blizzard and Valve are awesome at that. A bad example would be Gears of War, where I had trobles distinguishing between friendly units and enemies, and sometimes between characters and backgrounds. I still think in "Low-Poly" as much as possible too :) It's an occupational habit :)

Ooooh, so many kinds of enemies! :D I'm thinking cultist guards to start. I think I might have a stab at another player character first though :)