Tuesday, July 24, 2012

No art, just games

I'm not a big fan of sport games in general, but when they're done right, they can be so much fun!

We had an arcade cabinet back in university, and I used to play Wind Jammers as much as I did puzzle bobble. It was awesome, and I actually managed to beat it in single player! I've never been as sweaty playing a multiplayer game!

In high school, we had a TV in our classroom (intended for educational purposes, yeah right), and a classmate brought his Nintendo 64. We played International Superstar Soccer 64 every break, every chance we got. The four of us were pretty evenly matched, and we had a lot of classical duels. We made our classmates who weren't playing very mad, because we got very involved, loud and shouted a lot. Good times.

Wave Race 64. I rarely see water as beautiful as this in games, even to this day. The music is stellar.

I'm such a geek ;)


Dado Almeida said...

Ohh, made me remember the endless matches of SuperStartSoccer with some old friends.
I think the sport game I played most in my childhood was `Lakers vs. Celtics` for the Sega Genesis. In this generation I don't recall to spend good hours with none of those titles, even Winning Eleven which is by far the most popular game over here.

Anton said...

http://youtu.be/jMOjWczkFQU selecto youar fighta

Johannes Helgeson said...

@ Dado- Happy to have you here buddy! I've never heard of that game! When I went to Gamescom in 2010, I attended a talk by a brazilian publisher who said that consoles are pretty rare in Brazil, because they're fully taxed (very expensive). That may have brought on some kind of cultural difference? I would have assumed football games might have been popular there, cause brazil rock at football :).

@ Anton- Omg! That looks awesome! Soooo much feedback, drool :) Characters look nice, but I prefer the ones in windjammers, I guess I'm emotionally attached :) Crazy Power Disc, such an awesome name. Thanks for sharing :D

Dado Almeida said...

Wow! The guys said consoles are a rare thing? Man, I'm afraid how some `brazilians` present our country. Game consoles are one of the most loved toys since the Atari age. But he was right, the taxes over this kind of product `still`incredible high, so you can imagine how easy/accessible is piracy.