Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Color Flats

Lots of selection-layers on this one :) WIP obviously.


Dado Almeida said...

I dig the color choice and all those scary minions. The scene feels to me like a starting 'Boss Battle'.

Jeroen Koelewijn said...

Wouldn't it have been easier to draw it all digitally instead of drawing it all on loose paper?

Anyway, love the atmosphere. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece. :]

Johannes Helgeson said...

@Dado- Thanks buddy, that's what I was going for ;) I'll need to crank up the colors a few notches eventually, but darker midtones are a good starting place for me.

@Jeroen- Haha, yeah, probably. But I suck at drawing digitally, I need to zoom in like hell to make an ok line and then I cant get a clear view of the entire canvas, so it becomes difficult to relate lines to each other. I've tried having thumbnail windows open etc. but it's always so discouraging. Furthermore, I really love the act of drawing on paper, it feels good and fun, to have something physical afterwards, and since all I do is try to make art, and will do for the rest of my life, I try to make it as enjoyable as possible :) All my favorite artists primarily seem draw traditionally, Claire Wendling, Bruce Timm, Ben Caldwell, Tim Mcburnie, Denis Bodart, Bengal, Pierre Alary etc. So put simply, I suck more at drawing digitally than I do with pencil and paper :D I hope it turns out alright :)