Thursday, August 28, 2014


Meditative and challenging sketching, focusing on shape-design and line-of-action etc. I can definitely improve with varying my lineweight and including shadowshapes!  Feel as if I'm making some slight progress with allowing myself to simplify forms into shapes. Finally got a hold of my favorite pencil, Burnt Carmine Derwent Artist. Kinda pricey though. I like keeping the pencil-tip real sharp, starting the drawing loose and then pressing down very hard on the paper when I'm happy with the initial shapes/gestures and rhythms.

Ummm, Girlnado?

Fairly soon InXile (one of the coolest game-dev studios in the world) will be releasing Wasteland 2 (scheduled September 19th)! As you all know (duuuh ;)) my favorite game of all time is Fallout 2, and Wasteland was the spiritual predecessor to that franchise. From what I can tell from online, it's looking very promising! I felt like drawing (and maybe later painting) my squad of Desert Rangers. Obviously they're not in the style of the game, but who cares. Love for InXile and Brian Fargo! :D

Abe Bronson is the leader of the group. He's charismatic, intelligent, pragmatic and has strong wilderness survival skills. Tank Hollywood is the brute force, she's the most capable melee combatant. I imagine she challenges Abe for the leadership of the group with some frequency, and I envision some sort of sexual tension between the two. Murray Daniels is an engineer and tech-expert who's kinda cowardly. He's around 50 years old, has a "been there, done that" kind of attitude and likes the simple pleasures in life. Finally, Yuki Machida is the firearms expert. She's cocky, enthusiastic and positive. She's motivated by challenges and want to improve her skills at any cost. 

Gots' to study dat light n' stuff!

And to conclude, some good shit :)

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