Friday, August 8, 2014


Interior design and architecture are some things I've neglected, and which leave me quivering in my pants. Figure I'd tackle 'em straight on, face my fear etc. Doing the lines and then clean shapes to be used for masks were really time-consuming. If I did this in 3D I would certainly make a render with the important planes color-coded. Can't say I enjoyed these all that much, a bit too technical for me, but maybe they'll get more fun as I improve.

Sooo muuuch tiiiime... Spent 2 days on this, mainly just putting in lines with the line-tool and flat shapes which I could use for masks. Note to self- Next time when doing the shape block-in, turn off Anti-Aliasing. Tried some new brushes which I love now.

Unwinding with some naked girls... Derwent Artist - Sepia and Indigo on A5 Moleskine (The best paper there is imo).

De La Soul!!! Hnnnnnngghhh, so good.

A bit more hard-hitting.. Wu Tang Clan in da house!

Have a nice weekend, lots of love ya'll!

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