Thursday, May 23, 2013

Messin' About

Some naked chicks... Still experimenting with finding a proper balance of hard edged graphical shapes and smooth value transitions. Some days I want to render more like Ingres, and other days I want to be like Zorn, and then again I love Leyendecker. I suppose the dream is to be somewhere in between. I need more visible textured strokes.



Danny Araya said...

I love the angularity of these shapes man. Lately I've been obsessed with Leyendecker's hatching technique, and also exploring ways to paint more graphically! We should do a Google Hangout dude

Johannes Helgeson said...

Thanks Danny! Yeah, I want to be more graphical too, work with big shapes and shadowshapes. Leyendecker really nailed it, perfect balance of graphical shapes and soft form transitions. I read he was trained by Bougereau... I love the hatching too, the way it activates surfaces. Still, it's kinda obvious Leyendecker, and I'd rather try to copy the theory (surface activation) rather than his specific technique. I've experimented with some phototextures, but that just looks cheap. I feel what I want to do is use more textured painterly brushes when I render and the smudge, instead of just the hard round edged and a smooth soft airbrush. I've always sculpted rather than painted, and I want to change. And I want my strokes to rythmically lead the eye as well. Uuugh, so far to go.

What is Google Hangout? Sounds fishy...