torsdagen den 16:e maj 2013


Yeah, some dudes to clean up the streets, if you know what I mean.. *hint, hint, wink, wink.

EDIT* added a character and some BG etc.

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Dado Almeida sa...

Dado Selects 'Tiger' the Afro dude and starts the buttons mashing.

Nice to see you around again Johannes. Any idea coming from this characters?

Johannes Helgeson sa...

Yo Dado! What's up bro? Glad you like him, I had fun designing him, though as always, designing is damn difficult. Yeah, I'm thinking some sort of animated show for teens, or perhaps a side scrolling brawler-game. Got some more ideas brewing, I'll post as soon as possible. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your love!

Jeka sa...

Hi! Is this actual game ? :) Looks nice and neat :)

Johannes Helgeson sa...

Hi Jeka! Nah, it's just for my personal amusement, thanks!