Sunday, June 8, 2014

Motivation and Inspiration

I would like to share some videos and audiobooks I find inspirational. I post this mainly as a compilation for myself, stuff to look at on those inevitable days when I'd rather put down the pencil and play some games or indulge in a marathon of TV-series (Damn you "True Detective" and "The Wire").

I am consumed by a profound feeling of gratitude towards the people who have nurtured, guided and inspired me. For Björn Hurri, Ola Holmdahl, Patri Balanovsky, Yohann Schepacz, Tom Scholes, Carl Lundgren, Devin Platts, Dennis Chan and Glenn Vilppu, thank you. I would not be anywhere without you.

Aaaaand a bonus ;P


Dado Almeida said...

Wow! That was an incredible share Johannes. My brain is exploding with such great content. :)
Steven Pressfield book is one of my favorite since I began this self-cure to Artist Block/Overburn. His words open my mind to the concept of "territorial orientation" that I´m applying furiously right now.

Now Mastery book came with a lot of others that I can work/improve on. And that feels empowering.

I´m really digging more of your studies (and art) now knowing some of the theoretical subjects you´re most inclined.

Sorry for the long and wrong types. I just want to share some gratitude in public. .-D

Unknown said...

These are some great links!