Sunday, June 15, 2014

Grace Kelly

I have to admit, I feel Grace Kelly is one of the most beautiful and charming women I've ever seen on the silver screen. The movie, "Rear Window" by Alfred hitchcock is a masterpiece, and I had to do a study of this promo-photo. After having done the photstudy, I decided to give it my own take, stylizing it. I drew each face about a dozen times before I found drawings I liked.

A monumentail glorious failure. I failed at getting the expression and pose I wanted, settling too fast for something mediocre. I lost control of my valiues, making the ambient blues too light. And too many goddamned fiddly little strokes. Where are the big and confident strokes I've tried to learn how to do?! Also noticed, when rendering further, some of my design-decision look silly, and are sub-optimal. Also beefed him up too much, he was supposed to be slender and agile. Fuck. The high key highlighting is interesting, need to explore more.
Focusing mainly on simplifying shapes and getting the placement of the values right.

Until next time, you stay classy San Diego!

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