tisdagen den 30:e oktober 2012

Haunted Grounds.. 

Iterating the design and style... 

onsdagen den 24:e oktober 2012


It's rare to see overweight afro-american female heroes in games, no? A new mockup with better gui too. It's the wrong enemies for the environment, so they blend too much :( I might need to rethink Crimson Claw's color scheme, as she too, blends too much with the ground plane.

fredagen den 19:e oktober 2012

Swordblade Mockup Iteration2

Howdy! Pardon the absence, buzy with freelance and an article for a magazine :)

More Swordblade! I'm iterating on the visual style. Ya'll thing there's too big of a dissonance between the more painterly textured style background and the hard edged cartoon characters?