Friday, October 19, 2012

Swordblade Mockup Iteration2

Howdy! Pardon the absence, buzy with freelance and an article for a magazine :)

More Swordblade! I'm iterating on the visual style. Ya'll thing there's too big of a dissonance between the more painterly textured style background and the hard edged cartoon characters?



I'm really digging the character line-up and could sink my teeth into a minimal background. My gut feeling says to keep the distant background loose, but tighten up small bits in the foreground. Just a little more texture/detail in the foreground and I think you're there.

Johannes Helgeson said...

Hey David! Thank you very much :D Excellent feedback, you put into words what I was faintly feeling as well. You're an art-director, right? Thank you for taking the time.