Wednesday, October 24, 2012


It's rare to see overweight afro-american female heroes in games, no? A new mockup with better gui too. It's the wrong enemies for the environment, so they blend too much :( I might need to rethink Crimson Claw's color scheme, as she too, blends too much with the ground plane.


James Castillo said...
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James Castillo said...

NIce! I really like the simplification of the face in this one.
The simpler the better :)


Johannes Helgeson said...

Hi James! :D Long time no see :) Thanks, glad you like it. I've been seeing your conan stuff pop up at facebook, sweet stuff man. Keep on rocking, and thanks for dropping by ;D

Jonny D said...

Great stuff. You can always "cheat" to make characters stand out. Heroes can glow, you know. :)