måndagen den 27:e augusti 2012

Game Stuff

3D, rusty, been ages. Also a mockup.

måndagen den 20:e augusti 2012

Mad Monkey tribe

They're bananas!

I feel I failed with this batch of constructs, the idea needs iterating...

torsdagen den 16:e augusti 2012

Deep Abyss Crew

The theme of these guys is a little bit less cohesive than the prior ones, in terms of shape and gear. I suppose the unifying design principles of them are a bit more abstract, sticking with primarily cool colors and an aquatic predator life form with pirate-type equipment. Shapes vary, but mainly still remain in the angular and pointy vocabulary.

tisdagen den 14:e augusti 2012

Cult of the Apocalypse

Wicked elves, bent on the destruction of all other races! Triangular concave pointy shapes, black and purple, could it get more evil? XD

Edit: Here's a very brief visual summary of the design for these guys.

måndagen den 13:e augusti 2012

The Lost Legion

Second batch :D Having fun making these. Trying to stay within a theme, changing battle functionality from unit to unit. All in a day's work.

söndagen den 12:e augusti 2012

Good Enough?

Hello! Here are some concept design sketches. They take about 1-2 hours to create. The purpose is mostly to convey the design to the next person in the pipeline as quickly as possible, so I don't spend much time on trying to "sell" the image. Hopefully they are at that "good enough" level of finish, where they can be shown to an AD and also provide the animator and 3D artist with sufficient info. I'm trying to focus on big primary shapes of color and secondary shadowshapes, then an extra value for highlights. Cheap rimlight.... :/