Monday, August 27, 2012

Game Stuff

3D, rusty, been ages. Also a mockup.


Dado Almeida said...

Nice additions Johannes. The 3D isn´t bad, I just missed the hammer-hand - which was a cool part of the original design. For some reason I think some heat/seem could be seen inside those robots (smokes being piped through this holes or a hot glow eg.) this probably would make him more 'alive' and cool do beat-up.

The game concept itself is marvelous. I was smashing my keyboard already. ;-D

Johannes Helgeson said...

As always, you put a smile on my face Dado :) Removing the hammer seems to be what everyone has been saying is missing. I did it to save polys and some texture space, but I agree, the symmetry makes it less interesting. The smoke and stuff could be cool too, in general, I forget to add particle and special fx. Felt good to get back into 3D again though, even though I suck -_-'