Monday, July 4, 2011



ScaryPotato said...

Your style is so awesome Johannes. I love to see all the great hand studies, and as always, your character drawings are dripping with personality! Best of luck with the job hunt, if it hasn't happened already, it can't be far away:)


Catherine Yoo said...

Hi Johannes, I saw your thread on and I wanted to drop by and say you have great work. Love your sketches as well.

Karrey said...

Oh! Could that possibly be... Ben!? Awesome! Really sweet flow:y poses! Really dig the stance: how heavy the sword looks. Just got home from Spain and noticed you've been updating with a bunch of lovely sketches and doodles. :) Hoppas jobbsökandet går bra! Fight on, Johannes!

Johannes Helgeson said...

@Scarypotato - Thank you! =D I´ve got some news soon :) Thanks for the encouragement, you rock!

@Catherine Yoo - Thank yoo (bet you never heard that one before;) ) Glad to have you come by :D

@Karrey - Tack! You go girl etc. ;P Hope Spain was nice! Don´t sprängs!