Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I have a new job!

Starting very soon, I´m joining Red Steam Studio in Singapore, a Gameloft Pre Production Art Studio! I´m super excited for this opportunity, and I´m eagerly anticipating all new challenges coming with this job :D The team there is crazy skilled, and I´m humbled and honored to be allowed to join their ranks!


I have been given permission to show my work test, so I will :) Hope ya´ll like it :)

Take care!


Cexar said...


Hedvig said...

Grattis!!! :D

ScaryPotato said...

That's outstanding news! It looks like your style and abilities will help breathe some fresh air into the rest of the crew there, congrats on landing the gig :)

Danny Araya said...

congrats on the job man!