Monday, May 5, 2014

Fried Brain

 My brain is fried from all this re-wiring. I have always over-rendered everything, sculpting rather than painting. Trying to change that. A couple of months back, I watched a GCMA workshop with Karla Ortiz. Her art is awesome, and she said some pretty smart things. For instance, she was talking about percentage of rendering depending on how important the area was for the total composition. Like something far away from a focal point might be rendered at 10%, whereas the eyes and other important areas would get the 100% treatment. I usually render at 100-80% all over, which is time-consuming, and kills compositions. Now I try to ZOOM OUT and render most things at 10-20%, and then I'm choosing focal-points more carefully, zooming in a bit, and being more careful..

I feel I can describe form with a modicum of accuracy, but indicating form with a few strokes, this is blowing my mind.

Also, I feel compelled to share this song performed by Stan Getz and The Bill Evans Trio. I'm totally in this mood.



M. Proszowska said...

Great to watch your transition to "new style". All is looking really promising. I would love to see more color studies from life (still life maybe?) All colors you are painting now are from old masters, I think observing light in reality is really important to! Keep your awesome work and update often :) Cheers!

Johannes Helgeson said...

Hey Magdalena, thanks :D It feels pretty neat. Yah, cool, you're right. With these I've been mainly focusing on rendering-technique, trying to get rid of my obsession to render every form equally as tight, and allowing for more indication. I've also tried some new brushes, and attempted to work zoomed out. I think I'll do some movie-still studies next, trying to look for some good lighting-setups. I'll do still lifes too! Thanks for highlighting that, and for the support :)