Monday, April 21, 2014

Master Copies

Easter-holidays, why not practice painting? These dudes, geez. To show so much, with so little, I am in awe. I like this direction of rendering way more than the perfection of Bougeureau (though I still respect and admire, of course, his polish and draftsmanship). Using lot's of custom brushes and smudge. Never really allowed myself to do that before, I kinda always stuck with the hard round and soft airbrush... Silly. Also Bevel & Emboss. Furthermore, working more zoomed out and trying to slow down, placing strokes with intent and purpose. 

I'm trying to think more like a painter, focusing on abstract shapes of color and their relationships, my brain is fried.

Need to do moar! Take care ya'll!


Saxen8 said...

Hey J. Nice stuff going on!

However, may I suggest you take a look at the Mixer brush tool found in the same category as the regular brush? Chances are that this brush function is all you ever wanted smudge tool to be. It is based on whatever brush of your choice, and it doesn't slow your computer the fuck down like smudge tool sometimes do.

It makes blending colors very easy and you can adjust if you want it to be moist, wet, dry etc. I'm not sure what version of PS you are using, but it's included at least in CS6. I included a quick image of the difference of the two tools in this post. If you have time you should check this blog out: This guy is using the tool to make a very painterly, oil like effect.

Good luck!


Johannes Helgeson said...

Hey Sara! Thanks for the tip :D But I'm old, and I have an old PS, I don't have the mixer brush! I'll see if I can get my hands on it somehow. Thanks for the link, real inspirational :D Take care, hugs!