Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gameloft Redsteam

Hey guys! Wow, two weeks since last time. Having gone freelance full time, I've been getting some client work, and it's taking most of my time and attention.

Today I'd like to share some artwork I did while working at Redsteam. Say what you will about gameloft's pragmatism, at least they spend a proportinally large part of their resources at producing great graphics. Galaxy city is out now, though I think it's called Cosmic Conquest (?). They changed the art direction, so none of my art is in it literally, but I think they retained the design and the spirit overall. I was asked to use lines as well as rendered form. I had a lot of fun with that project. As always, I was led by the eminent art Director Arnaud Simon Laforest, the best professional working relationship I've had so far in my career. My task was to define the style, and provide in game graphics of missiongivers.

Another game which I enjoyed immensely working on was a newly announced MOBA game called Heroes of Order and Chaos. I designed four characters for this game, and one of them has been used in promo-material, so it's safe to show to ya'll. 

Here are the options we would send the producers of a game to pick from. In this case, they went for B, my personal favorite was A. 

These are sketches I would show my art director. He understood the meaning of a thumbnail sketch, and would tell me which direction he wanted me to go in. As more artwork from this game gets released, I'll show you.



Dado Almeida said...

Wowww! Nice collection of new artwork. Thanks to much for sharing those ones Johannes. Breck suit is ace - I have to say again - your 'simplicity' is killer. Can´t see any unnecessary details in those character designs. Learning a lot from your stuff.

Jeroen Koelewijn said...

That's one bad ass post! Really great design work. I wonder why they picked the second design for the dessert slayer? Cause they are all fantastic really. :]

Hedvig said...

Woww! Så himla mycket snyggt!! :D
Hoppas allt är bra med dig btw! Och har du vägarna förbi Gbg o känner för en ritfika eller dylikt så säg till! :)

Johannes Helgeson said...

@ Dado - Thanks! My pleasure :). Yeah, I remember when I attended the "MADE" workshop in Berlin, around 2010(?) Marco Djurdjevic, Coro, Wes Burt and Hellstern all gave me the same feedback on several of my portfolio-pieces, that I added out of place and unnecessary detail. I vowed then to never add a shape or detail which would contradict my core statement. I suppose in games where things are in motion, and there are several things going on simultaneously, too much detail can make things blurry and noisy.

@Jeoren - Thanks buddy! Haha, I don't know eighter. I've learned, over the years, to assume the producers will choose my least favorite concept, therefore I try to make sure I don't present them with anything I don't like :D

@ Hedvig - Tack! Är lite jobbigt att visa gamla grejer, men nu var det ju två veckor sedan min senaste post ;p. Allt är kanon! Frilansjobben trillar in, och jag har börjat träna styrketräning igen :D Mår bättre än på länge :) Du är den första jag ringer om jag har möjlighet att umgås i Göteborg.Alltid en fröjd att vara med dig :)!