Friday, April 27, 2012


Ugh, designing characters is damn difficult for me. Especially doing MC:s (maincharacters, so I tend to iterate alot :) here's my latest attempt at Tombgrave, and the badguy "dreadskull". 

I'm trying to get better at fundaments of rendering. In doing so I've picked up on doing the exercises outlined by the eminent Thomas Scholes (Idiot Apathy) at back in 2006. They've forced me to rethink stuff I thought I knew, as well as obtain new knowledge. Great stuff. Here's the link>

Rummaging through the old forums made me feel truly nostalgic, as it was an instrumental resource for me in beginning to try and learn this craft (2005). It's not the same anymore, more focus on getting cred, selling "learn the secrets to great art" DVD's and asspatting than learning and critiquing IMO. 

I know this stuff is boring as hell to look at to most, but it's been useful for me to do these things! I wont go into detail and explain the exercises, go and check for yourself :) And as always, please critique me if you have the time and feel like it :)
Exercise 1> basic sphere
Exercise 2> (ver. 1 of Peer project)
Exercise 2 > Matching Color and Greyscale.
Exercise 3 >Different Colored Spheres in White light.  
Also, please look into this page if you want to learn about the fundamentals of color. It's a bit advanced, but well worth it ;p


-A. said...

I agree on the current incarnation of I don't even go there anymore and I've been lurking and a member since '03.

Johan Wahlbäck said...

Great to see these studies again, I remember when you linked me those the first time :3

I love swinging by here for some inspiration, thank you for sharing you crazy artistic beast.


Johannes Helgeson said...

@ -A. : Yeah, it's been better :/
@ Johan : Thanks! Too kind, too kind :) Just trying not to suck too much.