torsdagen den 30:e juni 2011

onsdagen den 22:e juni 2011



And my heroes. Thanks for the tip Kristoffer :)

Music. Jaques Christo is one of my favourites.

En Route EP by Creep Crawl Flash

söndagen den 12:e juni 2011

The Flaming C, and other things.

Those who know me, know that my favourite character designer is Bruce Timm. When he sat down with comedy genius Conan O Brien, the end result was pure gold. Now they´re calling artists to contribute with their versions of "The Flaming C", and I thought it would be fun :D

My version.

In addition, I wanted to share a couple of links on the subject of storytelling. I hope you find them as educational as I do :D

torsdagen den 9:e juni 2011


Hi guys! I´m officially looking for a full time position as a concept artist! Feel free to drop me a comment or mail if you know of any opportunities :) Meanwhile, here are some sketches! :D